Male and Female – Two Genders, by Design

This article is about raising to your awareness the spiritual battle that is going on in society, across our country and the world, in schools, and in the mass media – that is, the war against gender.

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  • Children, preteens and teens are hearing that it is no longer “cool” to be a normal boy or girl the way God intended you to be – you need to reject the norms that have been in place since the beginning, and be “different”
  • Movies, social media, teen “idols” and pop stars” being pushed by the mass media, are all claiming to be a gender OTHER than male or female (“pan sexual” is a popular label) – just so they can be “cool”, and say they are bucking the norm
  • Gender propaganda is being taught in grades schools several states now, confusing children about their gender – they are being told that “gender is a choice”, and not based on physical traits
  • There seems to be a mad hysteria about this, especially with young people. But hey, you want to REALLY be difference? Be the boy or girl God designed you to be!
  • Did you know that there are some key differences in perspective between men and women? We really are different, but complementary, when it comes to outlook on life
  • There are also at least 40 scientifically proven physical traits that make a man and woman different! Check these out below.

Man was originally created as male and female, so as the Bible says they would grow to “become one flesh”. Men and men do not grow to become one flesh, and neither does a woman with another woman. We were “fearfully and wonderfully made, as the Bible puts it, to be naturally complementary.

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