The Man of Steel: Comparisons and Contrasts to Christ

Biblical Parallels in The Man of Steel

Yes, I too saw the latest rendition of “The Man of Steel” – the remake of the Superman series.  I was struck by the number of Biblical messages in the movie.  I am not sure these were done on purpose, but it seemed to me they were quite evident.  Here is my take on the Christian parallels in the movie, Man of Steel:

1.  The boy is “sent” into this world (through space (and time?) by a loving father, whose environment has experienced a rebellion.

2.  The rebellion at Krypton is a parallel to the rebellion of Satan, who took along an army of angelic beings with him.  Now, the story diverts a bit here, since Zod killed Jor-el, and Stan can in no way “kill” the Lord, since Satan is a created angel, and of course the Lord God is the Creator of all – including Satan ad his band of rebellions.

3.  There are parallels in the names  – “El” in ancient middle east  languages meant chief God, or father of all human kin.  Like God, who breathed the first breadth of life into Adam, Jor-el was the father of Superman – the first born of a new form of creation.

4.  The move referred to Kal-El as the first of a new form of creation.  This parallels Jesus, who is referred to in the Bible as the “first born of a new creation”.  Kal-El is also half man, and half god – like Jesus in a manner of speaking.  The key difference of course is that Jesus IS God in the flesh, not just “one of the gods”.  He is THE God of all creation in human form.

5.  Jesus left his heavenly abode to live among us as flesh for some 33 years, to then sacrifice Himself to save humankind from their fallen nature and bend toward to self destruction.

.. more to come