Patterns of Evidence Supporting the Exodus

Is the Exodus Story in the Bible Fiction, or did it Really Happen?

For thousands of years Jewish people have celebrated the Passover, in rememberance of an ancient event where they believe that an “Angel of the Lord” passed over their homes, saving them from the destruction, but delivering death to their Egyptian task masters.

But did this really happen?  Were the Jews in Egypt in ancient times, as slaves, helping to build the structures of the

Egyptians between 1000 – 2000 BC?  What evidence is there that they were even there?  Is there any archaelogical evidence in the digs that have been done in the Nile delta region?

What evidence is there that there ever was a “Joseph” that was captured by a caravan, according to the Bible, and brought down to Egypt and sold in to slavery – only to eventually be promoted by Pharoah to become the 2nd most powerful person in Egypt.  If there a statue that remains of this “Joseph”, who supposedly wore the “coat of many colors”?

And if this event took place, shouldn’t we find evidence of the seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of terrible famine?  Do we see evidence of this in the archaeological digs?

Watch “Patterns of Evidence” and Find Out!

Earlier in 2015 an amazing documentary was released entitled “Patterns of Evidence”. This film starts with an un-biased look at whether or not there is any evidence for the Exodus story as told in the Bible, and believed by both Christians and Jews for over 2000 years.

Amazing facts brought out in the documentary:

Scientists may have been looking at the wrong date for the Exodus!  Its been assumed by scientists for decades that the Exodus happened around 1250 BC.  But when a search for an Exodus event that happened around this time frame is conducted, there is little evidence to be found for such as event.

On the other hand, if one allows for the possibility that the Exodus happened 400 years earlier – around 1450 BC – then the evidence begins to show that yes indeed this amazing story could well be true!  The evidence is there, and it is astounding!


  • There is evidence that Semites lived in the Nile delta around 1450 BC.  The digs show evidence of thousands of people living in this area, with tools and implements not Egyptian in nature.  Not only that, the digs show that the people initially lived in relative comfort, and that there we plenty of them – as the Bible records.Wall - City of Ramses
  • A tomb has been uncovered of a high government official, who according to the statue built of him, was not
    Egyptian looking – in fact, he appears to be a Semite.  And there is evidence of a “coat of colors” painted around him on he statue!
  • His palace ruins feature 12 columns, and there are 12 tombs around the palace.  How many bothers came down to visit Joseph to get grain due the times of famine – exactly 12!
  • Archaeological evidence has also uncovered evidence of a “dark period” in Egyptian history, just after about 1450 BC. Once would expect to find evidence of this, if indeed God “smote” the Egyptian with a series of plagues. About this time, an invading people called the Hyxos swooped into Egypt, decimating the country.
  • There is evidence of a mass exodus of the Semite people, including written evidence that they took with them plunder – just as the Bible records!
  • After the Jews left, they spent 40 years wandering in the desert according to the Bible, and then took over the cities of the Caananites – including Jerico and other walled cities.
  • If you accept that the Exodus happened earlier in history as the film argues, you will find evidence for the fact the walls of Jerico did in fact tumble down – just as the Bible records!

Worth Watching and Considering the Evidence for the Exodus!

The film describes numerous findings, including…

  • Archaeological findings of evidence of Hebrew habitation in ancient Egypt
  • New historical findings as to the timeline of the events of Exodus, as well as…
  • Contemporary events in ancient Egypt.

It also describes some existing artifacts and documents from Ancient Egypt which have been the subject of debate amongst experts for a number of years.[3][4][5]

The film is based on historical work by Pete Windahl from Mahoney Media and historian David Rohl, who worked for Exodus Timelinemore than 10 years to find archaeological evidence for the story of Exodus. It is based on the New Chronology developed by Rohl. Their evidence is arranged in chronological order, which they claim matches the biblical and Assyriology chronology.[6]

The film features interviews with archaeologists, historians, and biblical scholars; these experts provide commentary on some of the archaeological findings depicted in the film. They also provide commentary on existing findings, providing some analysis to discuss how those findings might provide the authenticity of the biblical narrative of the Exodus.

One significant argument presented in the film is that the current predominant analysis that asserts that the Exodus occurred around 1250 BC is incorrect. The film presents numerous pieces of evidence which claim that the era for the Exodus can be set at around 1450 BC, based on both biblical sources. The film presents numerous items of archaeological significance to offer corroboration for this hypothesis. This would place these events approximately around the era of the reign of Amenhotep II.

The last half hour featured a panel of non-experts in biblical or historical studies who attempted to evaluate the argument.  (Source:  Wikipedia)

Watch the trailer, and check out the film on NetFlix is you have it: