Has the Real Mount Sinai Been Discovered?

The Evidence for Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Problems with the Traditional Site of Mount Sinai

The traditional site for Mount Sinai, or “the Mountain of Moses” (where God appeared to Moses, and the Ten Commandments were given), is a location in Egypt.  According to Wikipedia:

“Mount Sinai is a 2,285-metre (7,497 ft) moderately high mountain near the city of Saint Catherine in the Sinai Mt Sinai Egyptregion. It is next to Mount Catherine (at 2,629 m or 8,625 ft, the highest peak in Egypt).[3]It is surrounded on all sides by higher peaks of the mountain range.”

The problem with this claim is that nothing about this mountain lines up with the Bible.  Although the Bible tells of an alter being built at the base of the mount, at which the ancient Israelites worshiped a golden calf, no such alter is apparent. Although the Bible records that markers of stone were placed around the mountain to keep people away, no such markers are apparent at the traditional site.

Evidence for Mount Sinai’s Location In Saudi Arabia

In contrast to the lack of geological and other corroborating evidence for the Egyptian location, the evidence for Mount Sinai being located in Saudi Arabia is overwhelming.

Two expeditions have been undertaken over the past 20 years by two sets of brave explorers (their findings are reported in the video below).  The reports of both parties agree with one another in terms of the evidence presentedWarning_Sign_Mt_Sinai.

Its also very interesting that the Saudi government has placed very restrictive security measures around this particular mountain, including barbed wire fencing, guard look out stations, along with signs in Arabic and English pronouncing punishment on anyone who trespasses!  Why? What are they trying to protect from being disclosed?  That there really is strong evidence for a Mount Sinai, a holy mountain where God met a man called Moses, and gave his chosen people His “Ten Commandments”.

Note the amazing evidence for THIS being the holy “mountain of Moses”, rather than the traditional site:

  • The very top of the mountain appears to be “burnt” to a dark blue-black, in contrast the color of the rocks leading up to the peak. The Bible declares that when God descended atop the mountain, there were dark clouds, lightening, etc.  Could the scorched rock be evidence of this?
  • An alter can still be found at the base of the mountain, an alter where the Israelites built a “golden calf” and offered sacrifices to it – while Moses was still atop the mountain receiving God’s commandments.
  • The stones of this alter are engraved with a number of calf images, cut right into the rocks!
  • These calf images line up precisely with calf images found on temple walls in Egypt.  Since the Israelites has just left Egypt, it should be no surprise that the images engraved into these rocks with reflect precisely the calf images carved into the stone temples in Egypt!
  • A passage of the Bible states that rock markers were placed around the mountain, so that people would not Mount Sinai Saudi Arabiaget too close – lest they endanger themselves by drawing too close to God’s mountain.  A series of stone markers can still be found that surrounds the mountain.

Notice:  The pieces of evidence listed above can all be found at the site located in Saudi Arabia, while none of these pieces of evidence – which by the way line up precisely with the Bible – can be found at the popularly accepted site in Egypt.

Have we been deceived all this time about the true location of Mount Sinai?

Amazing Documentary about the Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai!


Wikipedia – “Mt Sinai (the Bible)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Sinai_(Bible)

4 thoughts on “Has the Real Mount Sinai Been Discovered?

  1. This film is more than amazing ! It’s incredible, our dear friend Paul Dooley sent this to me and it’s well worth watching. You can’t imagine what they all went through to get these pictures and documents . Loved it so very much!

  2. You cannot dispute evidence. We as believers are directed to accept the bible as the word of God passed down to man. It would be nearly impossible to find multiple pieces of evidence in a single location. The images of the golden calf as an example why would a Muslim nation draw images and then place guards and fences around the location site. This evidence is very compelling hopefully we can investigate some day. Regardless if God says it occured it did.

  3. This is extremely incredible, for awhile I have had Mount Sinai resting on my heart, it’s significance to God introducing himself to his people. This Documentary further enhances my belief in God, in that he is undoubtedly present and real. God Bless you all.

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