Archaeology and the Bible

Archaeology and the Bible

It is interesting to note that archaeology confirms the Bible in so many places.  In fact, in a number of cases scientists used to think that because they had not yet discovered physical evidence that a certain tribe, or person, or place existed, that this ‘proved’ the Bible was false.

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Fact is, time after time, the science of archaeology has discovered so much evidence supporting the Bible it is absolutely astounding!

  • Where once scientists thought that a race called the Hittites never existed, later physical proof was found to the contrary – confirming the Bible
  • Once scientists claimed that a Pontus Pilate never existed, yet later an inscription was unearthed that confirmed his existence
  • The burial box of the ‘High priest’ Caiphus has been found, as well as what may turn out to be the box that contained the bones of James, the brother of Jesus!

In this section we will catalog articles and links that show time after time how science, and in particular archaeology, has confirmed God’s word the Bible.

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