The Bible

Why the Bible is Unique, Worthy of Trust, and the True Word of God

Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy?  Or is it just a collection of ancient stories and myths, changed and corrupted over the centuries?  Is it just another “holy book” like so many others?  Or is it truly God’s Word, unique among all the so-called Reliability of the Bible - Luke Manuscriptscriptures of the ages?

These are important questions, as many people base their entire lives on the teachings of various “scriptures”.  If they are all pretty much the same, then one is as good as another – like flavors of ice cream, so to speak.  Pick one that’s right for you. 

On the other hand, if the Bible truly IS the written word of God – and these other books are just that – other books – then we had better pay special attention to it, and what it has to say to us!  Our life may depend on it!

Why the Bible is Unique
The Reliability of the Bible
Evidence of Design in the Bible
Design in Genesis 5
The Gnostic gospels
Genesis: Days, or Ages?

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