Alice in Wonderland – Worth Seeing

I took some time off last wek to see the new Tim Burton production of Alice in Wonderland, and indeed it was time well spent.  The movie is available in 3D, and is a delight to the eyes.  The story is based on the original tale, but has a teen-age Alice going back to visit Wonderland at a later time in her life.

Through the adventure, Alice realizes that life is a gift, and that she must take charge of what she’s been given, rather than allow people to boss her and order her around.

She goes through a sort of transformation in the process, and come to see how she really does have ‘the right stuff’ to stand up for her self,  sieze the day and make the most of what she’s been given.

All in all, a good tale, a delight for the senses, and an inspiring message.  Well done Tim.