Take on Ham-Nye Debate from Scientists who are also Christians

Here are some links to web sites and blogs about the results of the so-called “Creation vs. Evolution” debate, from scientists who also happen to be Christians (can it be that you believe in an old earth, and still be a Christian?)

The Take from the Biologos Forum:  http://biologos.org/blog/ham-on-nye-our-take
Review from Reasons.org: http://www.reasons.org/nyevsham

Key points:

  • You do not have to believe in a literal 24 hour day interpretation of Genesis to be a Christian.  There are other allowable interpretations of Genesis that are just as reasonable, if not more so, than interpreting it as a creative process that occurred over 6 literal 24 hour days
  • The Bible has to be read and understood from a contexual point of view.  The writer of Genesis, while still being moved by the Holy Spirit, was writing to an ancient audience thousands of year ago, in Hebrew, to explain how human kind got here.  You have to read and interpret Genesis with this in mind.
  • There is no inherent conflict between science and belief and faith in a Creator.  Science is about investigating and understanding the natural world.  The Bible declares that a Creator made all things, and sustains them by His power.  Practicing science should result in an even greater appreciation about God’s creative genius.  And interpreting and studying the Bible properly will produce no real conflict with science.  In fact, archeology has many times confirmed the text in the Bible.
  • Your CAN be a scientist and believer without any issues, or compromises.

“Think on these things”, as Ben Witherington says.