Viewed Shroud of Turin on May 6!

Marie and I had the awesome opportunity to view the famoud Shroud of Turin in person, in Turin Italy, on May 6.

We arrived in the afternoon, and our viewing (by appt) was at 4:45 PM. It took us about an hour to get through the line, which was composed of thousands of people from all over the world (see photos below).

I can’t tell you how breath-taking it was to be standing right in front of the cloth that might have covered Jesus’ body after His crucifiction. It was truly amazing. The image is ever so slight, but you can see clearly…

– the image of tortured and crucified Man
– the scourge marks all over the body, front and back
– the marks of the thorns
– the evidence of blood on the side
– nail marks in the wrists
– nail marks in the feet

I believe G-d has preserved this artifact in the last days to give us yet another piece of evidence that He truly lived, and truly gave His life for us so that we might be made right with G-D for all those who believe and receive Him into their hearts.

Turin - St. John's - the Shroud of Turin

In line for Shroud of Turin

Closer to seeing the Shroud

In line to see the Shroud of Turin – getting closer

Viewing painting on way to see Shroud of Turin

Closer to viewing the Shroud

Link to our web page, including photos, video and a brief recap of Shroud characteristics: