What is Heaven Like – Updated Article

I recently updated the article on “What is Heaven Like” by adding in some details around …

  • A distinction between the “kinds” of Heaven talked about in the Bible – for example, the first heaven, the second heaven, and the “third heaven”, which Paul the Apostle was caught up into and referred to in on of his writings
  • I added some detail about the “New Heaven and New Earth“, which is the ultimate destination of all those who are saved and have put their trust in the Lord

I want to add more illustrations, but for now this should be helpful in explaining the various sorts of heavens discussed in the Bible, the third heaven (or Paradise) which is where believers go now when they leave the body, and the ultimate – the New Heaven and New Earth.

Go to updated article on “What is Heaven Like?” https://evidencetobelieve.com/what-is-heaven-like/

I plan to add an article on “What is Hell Like”, but that is in the future. For now, just know that you don’t want to go there. Aim for Heaven.