New Post: The Great Reset and the Coming One World System

I just added a new article on a key End Times sign: the final One World Government, and the Anti-Christ who will arise and take command of the entire globe.

The “Great Reset” and the New World Order as Foretold in the Bible!

The Prophecies Foretell of a Final One World Government Out of Which 
will Come the Anti-Christ

This article will cover the prophecies about the final End Time One World System, spoken of in the Book of Daniel (Chapters 2 and 7), and by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  Its important Christians are watching, and looking for the signs of the End Times, as Jesus points out many times that those that “walk in darkness’ will be taken by surprise, and that that Day (the Day of the Lord), will come upon unbelievers by surprise.

We cover in this article:

  • The Book of Daniel and the Vision of the Four World Empires 
  • The Final One World Government of the End Times that is Fast Approaching
  • The Timeline that has led up to the End Times One World Order that is Almost upon us
  • The Great Reset, and How it is laying the Foundation for the Coming One World System
  • The Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ the Lord, who will come and Crush the Anti-Christ and his empire
  • Are you watching? Will you be Ready for the Return of Jesus Christ or Lord?

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