New Article on Sign of the End Times: the Great Falling Away

The Great Falling Away is Here:  a Sign of End Times

I have just added a new article on another Sign of the End Times: the Great “Falling Away”.  There is no question that as we enter the 21st century there has been a great “falling away” from the faith.   Over the past century there has indeed been a great falling away from the faith – starting with the rise of Darwinism at the turn of the century, and progressing on with the rise of secular humanism, Communism, and atheism in the twentieth century.

The sign given by the Apostle reads:End Times Church Cancelled

2 Thess 2:3 “Let no one deceive you by any means; for
that day will not come unless the falling away comes first…”

According to Got Questions,org, The Greek word translated “rebellion” or “falling away” in verse 3 is apostasia, from which we get the English word apostasy. It refers to a general defection from the true God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Every age has its defectors, but the falling away began with the fall of Russia and Eastern Europe to Communism in 1918, the fall of China to Maoism in the 1940s, and has continued in the western nations (U.S. and Europe) in the 20th century with the growth of atheism and materialism. Some say that we are now living in a “Post Christian” era today. In other words, we have already “fallen away” from the faith. 

The article covers:

  • The Scriptural evidence that a Falling Away is one of the Signs of the End Times
  • The Seven Churches as described in Revelation, and how the characteristics of the 7th church – the “last church” of the age matches up with church of today
  • How the church is prevailing, even though the “gates of hell” are working hard to close it

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