Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resulting in 1/5 of Church Goers Falling Away in the U.S.

Another Sign of End Times – Coronavirus Triggers More U.S. Church Goers to Fall Away …

An article in The Christian Post, dated August 26, 2020 reports that as many as 1 in 5 church congregations may close as a result of the Coronavirus.  The article points out:

  • Although many churches are now re-opening, “there are a lot less people coming”
  • Many of the church attendees did not feel that the “relationships” were as deep as they thought
  • Donations are being affected, since attendees are not seeing the “value” that they were expecting from church attendance

What is really at the core of the dropping attendance?  About 1/5 of the attendees were apparently going to church to “get something” from the pastor or the service, They are attending church as if it were an entertainment service – one that should give them something of value – a “feel good” experience.  As opposed to being there to worship God, giving thanks for His love, care, and provision, and to fellowship with other believers.

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