Coming Feb 12th – “Secrets of the Cell” Video Series

The cell is what biochemist Michael Behe has called evolution’s “black box, its spectacularly complex, superbly designed contents unknown to Charles Darwin. When the box was opened by modern science, it was a turning-point moment for the articulation of the modern theory of intelligent design.

A revolution followed, fundamentally challenging how scientists discuss the history of life. Now Behe himself will host Secrets of the Cell, a five-part YouTube series that will provide a non-technical and beautifully produced introduction to Behe’s key ideas.

The series will show Behe like you’ve never seen him before — out in the woods, in an auto shop, operating a drone, driving a jeep. For more about the producers of this new show and how it was developed go to….

Click here for a preview:

Tune in February 12th, Darwin Day, for episode 1.