The Mysterious Fine Structure Constant 137

The Mysterious Fine Structure Constant
A Number Common to Science, The Bible, and the World Around Us

The fine structure constant has mystified scientists since the 1800s.
Some believe that the number 1/137 might hold a clue to a Grand Unified Theory of everything.
But where did it come from?  Why is it there?

“It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it. Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to p or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil”. — R. P. Feynman, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Has God Planted Certain Numbers in The Bible, Science and Creation for Us to Discover?

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