What are the Essential Christian Doctrines?

There is a lot of confusion going around today about what makes a Christian a Christian, and what must one believe to be saved, and inherit eternal life.

  • Does God only require us to believe that He exists? And as a result, we are thus destined to go to heaven no matter what we do?  Or does what we do matter to God as well?
  • Where in is the justification?  Is it in the belief and trust in God by faith? Or in the works that we do that justify us before a holy and all-powerful Creator?
  • What are the core or “essential” things I need to be saved, and what should I believe to consider myself a Christian, or a follower of Jesus?
  • What is meant by “believing” anyway?  Is it enough to just believe that there was a Jesus?  Or is something more required?

I wrote an article entitled “What are the Essential Christian Doctrines“, based on what the bible says, and several others reputable sources.  For me and hopefully others this clarifies:About Evidence to Believe

  • What must you believe to be saved
  • What are the core doctrines or teachings of Christianity – in other words, what should I beleive to call myself a Christian

I hope it is helpful. Here is the link, and let me know if any clarifications or improvements I can make: https://evidencetobelieve.net/essential-christian-doctrines/