Whar You Need to Know About NOAH (Part 1)

“What you need to know about Noah (John Kostick): https://youtu.be/ANtiHwYafJ0

I love this guy’s teaching.  I don’t know how many of you know him, but I have been following him the past few years.  His name is John Kostik, and he has produced several videos on the bible, starting with Genesis 1. What makes his teaching different is that he goes back to the original language of Hebrew, and employs his knowledge of Hebrew to dig deeper into what scripture is telling us than most expositors.

As you may know, the Hebrew language had no numbering system (like Arabic), so each letter in Hebrew had a numeric equivalent.  This means that individual letters, words, and sentences could be added up to represent a number.  In addition, each letter evolved from an ancient “palaeography” or picture, so that each letter (and word) projects a picture with a particular meaning.

This can even happen with complete chapters in the bible, such as the gospel message projected to us through he genealogies found in Genesis 5.

In any event, John use this in his teaching style.  Conveying the root meaning of the words, the letters that make up the words, the pictures portrayed, and the numeric value of all of this.  What comes out of this is an amazing revelation of what the scriptures are telling us – things you don’t normally read or hear in your Sunday sermons.  Enjoy!