What You Need to Know About NOAH (Part 2)


I am posting another update on a video posted by John Kostik, a bible commentator I follow from time to time.

I shared his video on “What you need to know about Noah – part 1” a few weeks ago, and now he has released a second part video to the story of Noah as found in the bible.  What makes John’s teaching unique is that he is very gifted in digging deep in to scripture, revealing ….

  • The Hebrew meaning of key words and verses, bringing to your attention meanings that may have otherwise eluded you in the English version of the bible
  • Hidden patterns having to do with numbers that we sometimes miss.  For example, why did the ark rest on the 7th month, and the 17th day of the month?  Most people just skip right by this notation, but remember, there is a reason for every letter, every word, and every number inscribed in the bible. The scripture itself declares it is “God breathed”. God invented everything, including mathematics and the laws which govern the universe, and so its no surprise that if we dig, we will find hidden meanings in these numbers in the bible.
  • The Hebrew meaning of the names of people given in the bible, and how these names actually mean something when read in context – communicating special messages we might otherwise miss from scripture if we don’t dig down and understand the meaning of the names given (there was always a reason for a name given).

So watch, listen, and enjoy.  Thank you John for sharing your insight. 

Link to “What You Need to Know about NOAH (Part 2): https://youtu.be/8LfYhRxhdB4