Mormon Founder Joseph Smith Took 40 Wives

An article from the LA Times ran today, reporting:

“Joseph Smith, Mormon church founder and prophet, took as many as 40 wives, at least one as young as 14, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have acknowledged in a series of essays posted as guideposts for the faithful.

The church had not previously acknowledged that Smith engaged in plural marriages, though the practice was one of the public attributes of its early days. The church formally abandoned polygamy in 1890, but the practice continues to be a cultural identifier in film, television and theater

Smith had 30 to 40 wives, according to the essay. The women ranged in age from 14 to 56, though most were between 20 and 40. Some were wives of Smith’s friends.

The prophet probably did not have sexual relations with all of the women because some were “sealed” to him just for the expected afterlife in heaven. The essay does note, however that polygamy was “an excruciating ordeal” for Smith’s first wife, Emma.”

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Contrast this with what the Bible teaches:

1.  That in the beginning, God made them “male and female”, so that man would not dwell alone, but that he might have a help mate to complete him (and her).

2.  Jesus, when asked what would become of a man when he died, and had had multiple wives, replied – “Have you not read?  That in the beginning God made them male and female, and the two shall become one flesh”

While it is true that Abraham, and other Old Testament figures had multiple wives and concubines, this was never in accord with God’s plan.  He create the two to become one.  He didn’t not create multiples to become one.

We need to get back to the garden, and the way God our Creator intended man and woman to be!