Unbroken: the Real Story Behind the Story

It’s JESUS that made all the difference for Louis Zamperini

Recently, Greg Laurie recounted his memory of Louis Zamperini (Greg had met Louis at a recent Harvest Crusade held in Southen Califoria.  Said Greg:  “The fact of the matter is, if Louis Zamperini had not met Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade, his story could have ended far differently. Suffering from severe PTSD and plummeting into alcoholism, Louis could easily have died,” Laurie told the Post. “But his life was changed, and he was, as he told me personally, ‘instantly healed of PTSD’ as well as his dependence on alcohol.”

Read more about this amazing life-changing encounter, and the critical life-story details that Hollywood is leaving out of the film:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/09/05/this-vital-detail-reportedly-missing-in-angelina-jolies-upcoming-blockbuster-has-a-famed-preacher-upset/