What Evidence is there for the Resurrection of Jesus? And Why is this so Important?

If True, it is the Single Most Important Event in History! If this is true, then all of the claims He made should be taken very seriously.  All other religions are hopeless attempts to reach God; only Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  If there was no resurrection, then everything about Christianity is a lie, and no one should follow this Way.

So Why is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ so pivotal?

First, the resurrection proves the claims He made about Himself are true. He made claims that set Him apart from any other person in history.

Second, if He rose,  then this fact sets Jesus apart from all the other “holy men” of history  — including Buddha, Mohammed, and all the rest. These spiritual leaders are all still in the tomb, proving they were but men.

Third, if Jesus has risen, and is who He claimed to be, then we had better pay attention to all of the things He said –– our eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

Fourth,  because He rose, we can be assured that one day He will cause all those who trust in Him to rise also.  This is the “blessed hope”  that the scripture speaks of.  From Genesis to Revelation, the  central message of the Bible is God’s plan of redemption. 

Thirteen Pieces of Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

What are some of the key evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

  1. Jesus of Nazareth was not a Myth. He was a REAL PERSON in History. 
  2. Jesus Predicted His Death and Resurrection, and Shared that with His Followers.
  3. Jesus Really Died on a Cross, of a Broken Heart.  
  4. Jesus was Buried in the Tomb of a Wealthy Person. Evidence of the Tomb Exists Today.
  5. The Tomb was Found EMPTY. No Body Could be Produced to Falsify the Claim.
  6. Alternative Explanations Fail to Explain the Empty Tomb.
  7. Jesus Was Seen Alive by Many Over a Period of Weeks, in Various Places.
  8. The Lives of the Disciples were Radically Transformed.
  9. The Timeframe was Short Between the Event and the Spreading of the Message.
  10. The News of the Resurrection was First Proclaimed in Jerusalem – Not in Some Far off Land.
  11. Roman and Jewish Historians Also Wrote About the Spreading News of the Resurrection of Jesus.
  12. The Emergence of Sunday as a Day of Worship Among Jewish Followers.
  13. The Resurrection of Jesus Caused the Birth of the Early Church, and the Movement that “Turned the World Upside Down”.

Where Does the Weight of Evidence Point?

If Jesus did rise,  then it follows that the other things He said are true as well.  His  resurrection is unique in history.  No other “religious” leader made the  claims of Jesus, and no other man rose from the dead.  Period.  Only  the Lord Jesus.

>> Go to the article to get the full story. Then weigh the evidence, and make YOUR decision: https://evidencetobelieve.com/the-resurrection-of-jesus/