Powerful Testimony of a Mormon Who Encountered Jesus


Saw this on Youtube, and it really moved me.  How a young Mormon was so dedicated to his religion, and had so much of the world going for him – yet when he encountered Jesus, he realized that all that he had was as “fllthy rags”. He was faced with a choice:

  • Stay with the “world” – his family, his friends, his college scholarship, a life really laid out before his with all of its rewards and riches, or
  • Jesus – the only One than can truly fill the void inside, the One that can deliver a hundred fold more than the world can ever give.

He realized that no amount of good works could earn his way to heaven, to be in the presence of a holy Creator.  Jesus reached out and saved him, and gave him new life.  A life he exchanged for the old.  A life full of promise, a hundred fo;d more than the previous one.

Listen in: