New Answering Objections section added to Evidence to Believe


I have added a new section to the Evidence to Believe web site entitled “Answering Objections”.  This section is intended to help seekers, skeptics and new believers with sound answers to the most common objections to a belief in a Creator, and to Christianity. I am starting with a list of the top most common objections, in no particular order, and will provide treatment of the objection in the following format:

  • The objection/question, in the most common wording
  • An exposition of the question and related issues
  • An answer that effectively addresses the objection
  • Supporting articles, links and videos

Future expansion of this section will break out each objection into its own page, with a full treatment of the issue, and a video illustrating how the objection is usually verbalized, and how a believer might respond. I plan to also expand this with a download from each page, which can be used as a teaching tool. 

Although we have good reasons to believe, and God has given us more than enough reasonable evidence to step across the line and put our faith in Him, will we get the answers to ALL our questions this side of eternity?  No.  Why?  Because God wants us to trust Him.  He wants us to “walk by faith, and not by sight”. 

Link to new Answering Objections section of Evidence to Believe