The Search for Truth and the Battle for our Youth


I added a new article on the web site, under Why Christianity.  Its about the battle for the souls and minds of our young people in our schools and colleges. Over the last 20 years there has been an alarming increase in the rate of teen suicides. I am convinced that this is primarily due to a spiritual battle going on in our schools and colleges for the hearts and minds of our youth.

Here are the first few paragraphs, along with a link to the full article:

The Search for Truth
The Battle for the Minds and Souls of our Youth

Young people growing up in modern first world countries are faced with many challenges.  How to deal withthe increasing complexities of life, figure out how to navigate the world of technology being thrust upon them, and stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

A Spiritual Battle is Taking Place in Our Schools

In addition to all of this, young people find that their very belief systems are being attacked as they enter primary school, and move into secondary school and perhaps college. The educational material being used in the state school systems is increasingly turning secular, with an “anti-God” bias throughout.  Teachers are advised not to even speak about God in the classroom, as this might be “offensive” to some children who have been reared by atheistic parents.

The World is Promoting “Scientism” to Replace Belief in the Creator

What’s left is a secular school system, with Science being elevated in the place of an almighty Creator.  Students are taught that the reality in which we live is the product of an accidental “big bang” billions of years ago, and that humans are just another type of animal created and maintained by the blind forces of progressive evolution. Their teachers and professors maintain that there is no almighty God that started it all, and keeps everything running; rather, the universe just “created itself” by accident, and then evolution took over to get us to where we are today.

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