Article on DNA – the Amazing Program of Life


I just updated our article on “DNA – the Program of Life”.  The existence of DNA is amazing evidence of intelligent design that is a vital part of all living things.  Another way to look at DNA is to think of it as “the instruction book for life”.

Every living thing has DNA within its cells, and the information code within the DNA directs the development and the sustenance of the life form – every life form.  Think of DNA as the program (such as Windows, or IOS) for a “life computer” to run effectively.  Without the DNA “operating system”, your “life computer” simply would not function.

The article draws from a number of noted scientists and authors in the field of research, biology, chemistry, and mathematics,and addresses:

  • What is DNA, and why is it so crucial for life?
  • Where is DNA found, and how is it used?
  • DNA: Coded information that provides a program for life
  • Could DNA have evolved by itself?
  • Evolution theory found inadequate to explain the origin of DNA
  • Information in DNA points to Intelligent Design
  • Where there is a program, there is a programmer
  • Video on God’s Amazing Programming
  • Conclusion

Hope you enjoy the article and videos, and please pass it on if you find it helpful!  Supporting videos and articles are also included, if you should want to do further study.  Link: