Discovery: Earth’s Oceans Older than the Sun!

Earth’s oceans are older than the sun, says a new study published in the journal Science.  Its interesting to note that this lines right up with the account of events in Genesis, in the Bible!

The new study on the origins of water makes the startling revelation that some of the water on earth is older than the sun. Not only did it come from someplace off the earth, it came from somewhere outside of the whole solar system. The scientists examined the ratio of hydrogen to deuterium. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, sometimes called heavy hydrogen because it contains an extra neutron. Water created in the solar system exhibits specific deuterium-to-hydrogen enrichments caused by the low temperature of the original molecular cloud that birthed the sun. It was created under the same conditions in the proto-planetary disks and so exhibits the same characteristics. The proportion of deuterium to hydrogen provides important clues about the conditions under which water molecules formed. Interstellar ice has a higher deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio. By comparing the numbers scientists can tell if water formed during the birth of the solar system, or before it.

The researchers used computer models to compare the deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio over time. They found levels of heavy hydrogen inconsistent with the conditions of the formation of the solar system. Much of the water on earth and throughout the solar system must have already existed in the original molecular cloud. The researchers determined that 30 to 50 percent of earth’s waters predate the sun. Nearly half the water on earth is one million years older than the solar system.

Its interesting to note that the book of Genesis, in the Bible, states that water came first, THEN the sun! Many have questioned this, asking how in the world can the earth, along with its land and oceans, come “before” the appearance of the sun!

Well, that’s just the chronology that the Bible provides to us, as it unfolds the story of creation in Genesis:

Genesis 1:1 – God creates the cosmos (the heavens and the earth).  This lines right up with the Big Bang theory.

The was “formless” and “void” and “darkness covered the surface of the watery depths”. This is now supported by this latest discovery – that water on the earth preceded the sun.

The God said “Let there be light”, and there was light.  And so we have the appearance of light after the appearance of the earth, and water on the planet.

Exactly as Genesis has described it.

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