Thank God the U.S. is Taking Action to Protect the Innocent!

Earlier this week reports came out of IRAQ that the Islamist extremist group ISIS was murdering hundred of people, and driving thousands out of their homes and into the mountains of IRAQ.  Here is the report from Christian Solidarity International (CSI), also reported in some of the major media:

In the last three weeks, the so-called “Islamic State” has:
• Plundered and expelled the entire Christians population of Mosul.
• Destroyed or occupied 45 churches in Mosul.
• Attacked 3 Christian towns.
• Cut off electricity and water to hundreds of thousands of Christians and Shabaks in the Nineveh Plain.
• Forced 200,000 Yazidis to flee Sinjar.
• Ordered residents of Sinjar to convert or die.
Trapped 25,000 Yazidis in the mountains. Forty children have died there of dehydration so far.
• Set up 500 Yazidi families as human shields.

And they’re just getting started.
Until today, when action was announced by Obama that the U.S. would do something, this genocide against non-Muslims has been ignored by all of the governments outside the Middle East, including all of the so called European democracies, and the U.S.
Yesterday there were demonstrations in front of the U.S. White House for action, and a desperate plea by a woman Iraqi MP for action to save her people from extinction:
News was reported in USA Today, and in other media outlets, that Obama has ordered air strikes to protect U.S. citizens in Iraq, and to drop humanitarian aid to the thousands that have been driven out of their homes, and are now stranded without food or water in the Iraqi mountains:
“Obama’s objectives are “protection of American personnel in Iraq,” Earnest said, and answering the “urgent humanitarian situation at Sinjar Mountain,” where members of an Iraqi religious minority, the Yazidis, are seeking refuge.  (USA Today – Aug 8, 2014)