The Conflict in the Ukraine is a Lever #2 for Forming the New World Order (NWO)

The Plan, Design and Execution to Form a NWO

The conflict in the Ukraine did not happen overnight. It has a long history, going back to the days of the Soviet Union, the formation of NATO, and growing power of the UN, the WEF, and global elites that want to see national boundaries broken down, and a New World Order formed to rule the world. Here is a short video about what’s happening now with respect to the movement toward a NWO:

Key points to note:

  • As Biden remarks, he and the other mouth pieces for the global elites driving this movement have “darker days” ahead planned for the nations of the world
  • Biden says the times are shifting, and “there is going to be a New World Order out there‘.
  • George Soros, billionaire investor, states a “new world order, a financial world order“, is needed
  • Barac Obama, US president for two terms, says that “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs”, and that individuals “must surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign”. (who might this be but what the Bible calls the Anti-Christ?)
  • World Economic Foundation (WEF) head Schwab says that we must develop a story for the future, plan the future, then execute the future. The WEF includes many of the world’s most powerful people, representing governments, media empires, high tech, big pharma, etc. The stated goal is to foment so many world issues that a “Great Reset” will be needed to bring in stability, and a New World Order.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus So-Called Pandemic was Lever #1

The Covid Pandemic of 2020 was the 1st big lever to try to move the world toward unification under a New World Order, but creating world-wide panic and fear concerning a coronavirus that ended up having a 99% plus survival rate.

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Key facts:

  • A planning exercise called “Event 201” was organized and carried out in the fall of 2019, to plan for a global pandemic to upset the world order, instill panic and fear into the nations, and set the stage for moving to a New World Order.
  • Shortly thereafter, in December 2019, a new Coronavirus was announced (later dubbed Covid-19) as spreading around the world, causing thousands to fall sick or die. A study out of London announced that “millions could die” if drastic measures were not taken.
  • The US president Trump, advised to take urgent action, stopped all inbound travel from China (the suspected origin of the virus). Other world leaders followed and did the same.
  • A “world lockdown” was put in place buy the nations of the world, confining people to their homes, taking away their freedoms to move about except to get food. Economies suffered and trillions of dollars of productive value was felt. Thousands of business went out of business. Millions became unemployed. Suicides skyrocketed, especially among the youth.
  • While the wearing of masks was initially proclaimed as not required, by mid 2020 most nations had put in policies requiring all their people to wear paper, cloth or do-it-yourself masks (to supposedly slow the spread). The masks were later proven to be ineffective against preventing the spread of a coronavirus, which normally spreads via tiny aerosol (not droplets).
  • Masks were effective as a social and political control tool, as it was said that those wearing masks “were one of us”, while a person not wearing a mask was braded as uncaring, and wicked.

In 2021 the world began to wake up, realizing that the Covid-19 Pandemic was not what it was promoted to be. Its did not kill the millions it was supposed to do, The actual deaths was blamed on Covid, but people who died usually had another one or two illnesses that actually caused the death (they died “with Covid-19”, not because of Covid). The nations of the world began to drop the lockdowns, realizing they did more damage than they fixed.

In 2022 the nations of the world began to move out of the Covid era, and thus something more was required than Covid to drive us all to the NWO. A crisis that could be leveraged to strike fear once again into the hearts of people – the possibility of a new WAR, which could disrupt oil and gas supplies, food, etc. Enter the Ukraine conflict.

Level #2 to Move All toward a NWO is the Ukraine Crisis

Why do I say that this conflict was set-up, manufactured to set the stage for the “New Word Order”?

  • This is a conflict that the western powers, and the global elite wanted
  • A digital currency is being put in place, along with tracking all the buying and selling that will take place
  • The media is promoting this as a “fight for the New World Order”. Listen carefully to this interview on Fox News, where a woman described herself as a “member of the resistance”, fighting for the “New World Order:
  • She says “we have been fighting Putin for the last 8 years”, but is this really true? Or have factions within the Ukraine been fighting among themselves?? Then she says without mincing a word:

“We fight for this NEW WORLD ORDER”

  • There it is. They are conscripts fighting to bring about the New World Order. The Ukraine is like the test bed for this NWO. Branding people who are loyal, and punishing those who differ. Zelensky is purging the country of all those who disagree with him, A social credit system is in the making. Keep your eye on developments here.
  • Russia is being branded as a enemy of the free world, and all the media is working together to paint Putin as the Devil and Russia as evil. But nothing is said about the other side of the story:
    • How NATO has been admitting all of the former soviet countries since the break up of the soviet union
    • How NATO has been shipping arms and weapons into all these countries that border Russia, just a few miles from the their border. Russia perceives this as a possible threat to its nationhood, for several reasons:
      • During world war II, the Soviet Union was invaded by Hitler in a surprise move by Germany. Its estimated that two million of its people died as a result.
      • Many today living in Russia will remember those events, or had relatives that were lost as a result. Obviously they are worried that another invasion could come in the future, especially with NATO brandishing weapons only a few miles from their boarder.
    • Nothing is said about the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, where two territories declared back in 2014 that they wanted to be annexed to Russia – but were not permitted to by the Ukraine government. Fighting has been going on in this region for 8 years, with aggression from both sides on the people living there.
    • Why hasn’t the Ukraine taken a popular vote in these two states, and allowed the people to choose to either remain with the Ulraine, or be annexed to Russia?
  • The mass media and Biden regime is pushing ‘fake news’ about Polish sending warplanes to Ukraine. Why? To try to trigger a WAR and a disaster which would require a world leader to come on the scene to restore peace.
    • Polish authorities rejected claims that they were on the verge of sending military aircraft to Ukraine, warning that it would lead to war with Russia, yet the mainstream media continued to report the news regardless.
    • After Belarusian media outlet NEXTA TV tweeted out the rumor Sunday, the Chancellory of Poland firmly rebuffed the statement. “FAKE NEWS,” the Chancellory wrote. “Unfortunately you are spreading misinformation with quotation from 27/02/22. Poland won’t send its fighter jets to #Ukraine as well as allow to use its airports. We significantly help in many other areas.”

The President of the Ukraine Calls for a “World Leader”!

Who is President Zelensky, and His Appearance on the World Stage

Feb 24, 2022 – From the NY Post: Less than four years ago, Volodymyr Zelensky was one of Ukraine’s most popular TV comedians, starring in a satirical TV show and performing in a troupe where he played the piano with his penis for five minutes. Zelensky, now 44, won the presidential election in a landslide in 2019 after much of his campaign was allegedly bankrolled by one of Ukraine’s richest — and most corrupt — oligarchs, Igor Kolomoisky.

President Zelensky – Courtesy of CSPAN

In a scenario that even the writers of his old show, “Servant of the People,” couldn’t have dreamed up, Zelensky is now the leader at the center of a new war. Read more at the New York Post:

Zelensky Now Calling for a New World Leader

Tue Mar 22, 2022 – 3:36 pm EDT KYIV (LifeSiteNews) – President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine concluded his remarks to Congress last Wednesday by calling on President Biden to become “the leader of the world.”

“Peace in your country doesn’t depend anymore only on you and your people,” Zelensky said. “It depends on those next to you, on those who are strong.” Addressing Biden, Zelensky concluded “You are the leader of the nation, of your great nation. I wish you to be the leader of the world. Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace.” Notice he is carefully reading the script he was given. Zelensky was met with a standing ovation from Congress after his speech. 


Here are the conclusions I am drawing from all of this so far:

  • Realize that the mass media channels – ABC, CNN, MS-NBC, Reuters, etc – are all singing from the same script. And only giving you one side of the story. To get the FULL picture, you have to also check less biased and other new sources (OANN, Newsmax, Epoch Times, RT, etc.)
  • There is a relentless drive by the global elites to move the nations of the world toward a “New World Order” (NWO). As Klaus Schwab of the WEF stated in the above video, this is being imagined by the global elites, planned, designed, and is ow being executed.
  • The heads of states are NOT really the ones calling the shots. They are the PAWNS. The drivers and shakers are the elitists that are members of the WEF and other world institutions, not elected and not representing you and I.
  • Ultimately God Almighty is in control, moving the world toward the End Times as foretold in the Bible, in the NT Book of Revelation, and in the OT books of Isaiah, Zechariah, and others. The Bible — written by 40 authors over 3,000 years, as moved by the Holy Spirit – tell of a terrible future time to come upon the whole earth – the “Great Tribulation“. Jesus said this will be a time like no other in the past, and that “men’s hearts will fail them for fear”.

    War and rumors of wars are a sign of this soon coming Great Tribulation. Famines and “pestilences (the Coronavirus, AIDs, and others?). Earthquakes in various places. These signs are beginning to occur NOW, on a world wide basis – like never before. At the end of this 7 year period of Great Tribulation, the war to end all wars will occur, and Jesus Christ will return – defeating all of His enemies, the enemies of truth, the liars and wicked who have allied themselves with Satan and his beast – the Anti-Christ. And He will usher in the Millennium, a period of 1,000 years when Jesus the Messiah will reign over the whole earth.

What Will You Do as a Result of All This?

Keep your head on and your spirit intact, and realize that God Almighty is still on the throne. He sets up rulers, and taken them down. Nothing escapes His eye, or His over-arching plan.

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If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Redeemer and Lord, then consider carefully – where will you be in these End Times? On the side of the doomed New World Order, branded with the “Mark of the Beast”? Or will you be in Christ, who will at the end of time come and vanquish the Anti-Christ with the “breath of His mouth”, and set up His everlasting kingdom upon the earth. Please consider and choose Jesus!

Prepare your self and your family. Have a safety supply of food stock for 3-6 months. Ensure you have an emergency fund handy in case you need it. Prepare.

And keep your spirit alive with your Maker. Pray without ceasing, asking God through Jesus His Son to guide your path. Read the Bible daily, and commit passages to memory. Fellowship with other believers.

And leave the rest to Him.


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