The “Prince of the Power of the Air”: the Spirit of Anti-Christ, Hard at Work in these Last Days

Jan 17, 2022 – Update to the End Times series of articles

The Spirit of Christ verses the spirit of the Anti-Christ

What is the key difference? The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is focused on setting us free, to transform a person who gives their life to Christ to be full free, full human. God is interested in us fully developing our spirt, soul and body so that we are everything He purposed us to be. He NEVER wants us to give up our freedom to choose, to be truly free to exercise our free will to choose Him. Why? Because God is love, and He desires those that freely choose Him. For without free will, there can be no love.

To Be Born Again Means to be Spirit Led, Soul Following, and the Body in Obedience

God’s will is that we should be “born again”, our dead spirit made alive by the Holy Spirit which is imparted to each believer when they truly believe and give their heart to Jesus. Being born again, we are able commune with our Father through prayer, and sense His leading in our inner spirit. Our spirit can then join with God’s will for our life, and our spirit can influence and lead our soul life (our mind, emotion, intuition and most importantly our will) to choose and follow after His will.

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Thus instead of body and flesh dominating our life, and the soul and will under slavery to the flesh, our lives are turned “right side up” – with our inner spirit connecting with our Father through constant prayer, our thought life impacted by His Word and direction, and our body following along in tow – obeying a soul devoted to God, and His will.

God’s Will is for You to be Free
The Evil One Wants You to be a Submissive Slave

Jesus said:

“If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36)

Jesus Christ, the One and Only Son of the Father, the very image of the divine Creator, came into this world and paid the price for all of our sins by willfully giving His life in exchange for ours. So that “anyone who would believe (trust) in Him would inherit eternal LIFE” (John 3:16). The amazing thing is that “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

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  • We have ALL fallen short, and are under the curse of sin. The penalty for the sinful works of the flesh is death
  • The gift of God is eternal life, now and forever more. All you must do is receive God’s free gift!
  • Christ came to set you FREE. The evil one, the “prince of the power of the air”, wants to deprive you of your freedom and enslave you!
  • We are seeing this all around us in these last days – the spiritual war between Christ asn Hos followers, and those that have given themselves over to the powers of darkness
  • Yet the unholy alliance of government, mass media, and big pharma are relentlessly pushing out lies that more lockdowns are needed, passports to control people’s movements, and masks to cover mouths so people can be silenced.
  • This is the spirit of Anti-Christ, and it is alive, well, and growing in the U.S, and in other countries around the world!

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