End Times Sign: The Unveiling of the Anti-Christ

I have added a new articles to my series on “End Times Signs”. This one is on the unveiling of the Anti-Christ, what the Bible calls “the man of sin”, and the “son of perdition”.

The terms “Anti-Christ” is used to denote that this person is certainly NOT the Christ or Messiah, but an imposter, a “false Christ”. The New Testament speaks about many false Christs will appear before the End Times, but this Anti-Christ is the king of them all. The very embodiment of the evil one in the End Times

This article will cover:

  • Where it all began – the Garden of Eden
  • Daniel: a Vision of World Empires through to End Times
  • The Anti-Christ as Portrayed in Daniel
  • Revelation: the Beast, the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet
  • What Might be the “Image” of the Beast?
  • The Mark of the Beast: a Sign of Allegiance, Ability to Buy and Sell
  • The Mystery Behind “666” – the Number of the Beast
  • How to Recognize Him: the Key Characteristics of the Anti-Christ
  • Could the Anti-Christ Be Revealed in Our Lifetime?
  • Jesus’ Return, and the Ultimate Demise of the Anti-Christ
  • Have You Made Your Choice?  Its Not too Late! 

Take me to End Times Sign: the Anti-Christ is Revealed: https://evidencetobelieve.com/end-times-sign-the-anti-christ-is-revealed/