New Article: The Mesha Stele, or Moabite Stone


I am beginning to add new articles to the Evidence To Believe site, the first of which has just been published entitled “The Mesha Stele, or Moabite Stone”.

The ancient stele or tablet was discovered in the desert of Jordan in August 1868, The remarkable thing about this tablet, now on display in the Louve in Paris, is:

  • It has proven to be authentic, and is accepted as genuine by most experts. There is good reason to believe that it could not have been a forgery.
  • It contains numerous terms in the bible, and seems to correlate closely with a passage in 2 Kings 3 – although from a different perspective
  • It includes the earliest reference outside the bible to the name of the God of Israel – YHVH, otherwise know as Jehovah or Yahweh
  • It is written in ancient Paleo-Hebrew, the same or very similar to the writing most likely used by the ancient Hebrews
  • It includes references to the same places, kings, and battles mentioned in the bible 
  • One expert believes that it also contains a reference to the “House of David”

In my view, an amazing archaeological discovery that once again supports the truth of the bible. For more, read the full story: