New Video Studies from John Kostik on MOSES


I am delighted to report that John Kostik has released a video study series on Moses, and how he prefigures Jesus the Messiah in the Old Testament. This is a 3 part video study on Youtube, which I am providing you the links to below.

One of the things that makes John’s studies facinating is that he goes into ...

  • The Hebrew words and letters, and the symbolism of the language
  • The numeris value (gematria) of the words and sentences, which often shows amazing design in the Bible!
  • Numerous parallels between the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Bible

It is well worth listening to!  Please get your notebook out, and be prepared to be amazed at how Moses prefigured the coming of Christ in so many ways.  John goes through the bible, and shows numerous parallels between the life of Moses, and that of Jesus (Yeshua).  When Jesus told the religious leaders of His time that “Moses wrote about me”, He was NOT kidding, believe me!

Just a few parallels to wet your appetitie:

  • Both wre born under cruel leaders – Pharoah in the case of Moses, and Caesar in the case of Jesus
  • Both came from a priestly line – Levi in the case of Moses, Melchisidek in the case of Jesus
  • Both were born in a strange crib – an ark of bullrushes for Moses, a manger for Jesus
  • Both were Hebrews
  • Both met a woman at a foreign well (borehole)
  • Both had Gentile brides (in Christ case, the church will be His bride, which includes Gentiles)
  • Both were shepherds (in the case of Jesus, the Good Shepherd)
  • Both were rejected by their brethern
  • Both applied blood to a wooden cross beam (the cross, in the case of Jesus)
  • Both saved the people with outstretched arms (in the case of Jesus, on a cross)
  • .. and ther are MANY more parallels; but I will let John tell you about those in the videos listed below

Here are the links:

Let me know what you think, and if this doesn’t bless you I want to know why!