Revelation 1 – John Kostik’s Commentary

As you know, I am following John Kostik’s commentary on the Bible.  He is a gifted student of the scriptures, and has an unusual knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek. In addition, he sees patterns and design that perhaps many of us miss in our study of the bible. To me this is exciting, as one of the attributes of our Creator is His marvelous capacity for design.

I have shared links to his videos on Genesis in the past.  It turns out that he has just started sharing his comments on Revelation, so I thought I would share with you his first video on Revelation chapter 1.  I hope you like it (I am sure there are more to come).

By the way, one of my goals is to learn Hebrew and Greek, and to study God’s word in the original writings.  Not that the English translations can’t teach and inspire you through the Holy Spirit as you read them; I would just like to get to get deeper into God’s Word via the original languages.

Hope you enjoy Revelation 1, commentary from John: