New pages added to Evidence to Believe

We just completed a small group study on apologetics, and I am in the process of uploading new pages from this study to the Evidence to Believe web site.  These pages are organized under the tab “For Seekers”, and include….

Six Reasons to Believe
Core Beliefs of Christianity
Why the Bible?
Judaism vs Christianity
Atheism vs Christianity
Islam vs Christianity
Buddhism vs Christianity
Mormonism vs Christianity
Baha’i vs Christianity

I will be adding a few more pages to fill out this section of the web site, including new pages on:

New Age vs Christianity
Answers to Common Questions

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on the new pages, should you review them.  I hope the content is helpful to believers, strengthening your reasonable faith.  I also help the new content provides seekers with good reasons to believe.

Be blessed.