The San Bernardino Islamic Terrorist Attack – ISIS Inspired

We now know that this was not an act that was done in a fit of rage, or to exact revenge on co-workers.  It was a well planned, terrorist attack on innocent people by two Islamic terrorists.  Update Dec 5, from CNN:

“(CNN)ISIS on Saturday hailed the two people who massacred 14 people in Southern California this week as “supporters” of the terror group — a message that came after U.S. investigators said they suspect one of the shooters professed loyalty to the Islamist network.

The terror group’s official Iraq-based station made the declaration days after Wednesday’s San Bernardino shooting that also left 21 injured, but — notable for a group quick to claim attacks — did not say the couple were members or that ISIS was responsible.

Tashfeen Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, sprayed bullets at Farook’s co-workers at a holiday party for the environmental health department in San Bernardino before being gunned down in a shootout with authorities the same day.”We pray to God to accept them as martyrs,” ISIS’ al-Bayan Radio declared Saturday. The ISIS radio report came a day after the FBI said it was treating the attack as an act of terrorism.” Source – see link:

These people are in for a BIG surprise when the meet the Creator.  He will in no way meet them, or accept them as “martyrs”.  They were murders.  Period.  They will go elsewhere to spend eternity thinking about what they did.

On the day of the attack, from the LA Times:

“Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik fired at least 65 bullets when they stormed an office holiday party in San Bernardino on Wednesday, killing 14 people and injuring 21 others.

Hours later, Farook and Malik exchanged hundreds of rounds with police officers in a firefight on San Bernardino’s streets, launching bullets into homes and terrifying residents who had already been rocked by the mass shooting earlier in the day.

While the number of bullets fired might seem overwhelming, San Bernardino police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Thursday that the suspects, who died in the gun battle with officers, could have delivered far more harm if given the chance.”  (see more at

What we know:

  • This was a planned attack – not some random act (“Despite uncertainty about the motive for the attack, Burguan said the cache of weapons and ammunition found at the couple’s home obviously suggests it was pre-planned).
  • The two people were both “devout” Muslims according to reports – Syed had worked at the facility as a care giver, and had recently brought his wife back from Saudi Arabia (“Farook was born in Illinois, but recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned with a woman he met online. He had worked at the health department as an inspector for five years”).
  • They were apparently trained in military style assault tactics, and were wearing tactical vests to carry ammo (“Investigators also believe the couple had a familiarity with weapons and military-style tactics”).
  • They had enough weapons to carry out more attacks, suggesting this was just the first of many (“Police discovered a veritable armory when they searched Farook and Malik’s Redlands home, recovering a dozen pipe bombs, 2,000 9-millimeter handgun rounds, 2,500 .223-caliber assault rifle rounds and “hundreds of tools” that could have been used to make additional explosive devices, Burguan said. “Certainly they were equipped and they could have continued to do another attack … we intercepted them,” he said.
  • This is now being investigated as a terrorist attack.  The shooters were firing at no particular targets, apparently desiring to kill as many as possible. The FBI is now investigating this as a terrorist incident: “The F.B.I. has begun treating its inquiry as a counterterrorism investigation, two law enforcement officials said Thursday. The suspects’ extensive arsenal, their recent Middle East travels and evidence that one had been in touch with people with Islamist extremist views, both in the United States and abroad, all contributed to the decision to refocus the investigation.” “Law enforcement officials said the F.B.I. had uncovered evidence that Mr. Farook was in contact over several years with extremists domestically and abroad, including at least one person in the United States who was investigated for suspected terrorism by federal authorities in recent years”. (Source:

The president still refuses to recognize these attacks for what they are.  Based on the evidence, this is another example of Islamic terrorism.  

The president also says its too easy for people to get guns in this country.  While it is probably true that we need to tighten and better enforce gun control laws, so that the mentally disturbed and unqualified people don’t get hold of guns – this will not solve the problem of Islamic terrorists who are determined to kill those that disagree with their extremist worldview. This is a heart issue, not a gun issue. They are fueled by a radical version of Islam, one that has placed hatred in their hearts, and motivates them to kill innocent human beings that do not agree to follow their ways.  And killing thinking that they are “doing Allah’s will”.

This is not the Creator’s will, plain and simple.  Jesus predicted that there will come a day when people will kill others, “thinking that they are doing God service”.  This is exactly what we are seeing. But this is not His will.   And God is not pleased, and He will repay those that commit these heinous acts.  The Bible says “God is not mocked”, and His Truth will prevail in the end (read Revelation to see the final chapter in His Story).

Please join me in praying for these lost Muslims who are so lost in their ways, and in their beliefs about our Father, the Creator and Sustainer of all life.  Pray that they are touched by our Lord, Jesus Christ, and that they repent from their ways and turn to the living God.  God is LOVE, not hatred, not murder. He is LIFE, and wants all to have His everlasting, eternal life.  This was a horrible act of murder, pure and simple. But He still holds out His hands to all creatures – for “God SO loved the world that He GAVE His one and only Son [Jesus], that WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. (John 3:16).     

Yes, we need improved gun control, and better enforcement of laws.  But this is not addressing the root cause of the problem. The root cause is with the heart and minds of people who have been twisted by a radical and evil ideology. One that enslaves, and offers not hope, not life.  Where can we find hope?  Look to Jesus!  Jesus is the hope for the world today. Once a person invites Him into their heart, believes in Him, and and trusts their life to Him, He begins to transform that life, through His Spirit, so that that person becomes a “new creation”.  He is our hope, and the world’s only true and lasting hope.  I pray for Muslims that they invite Jesus (Isa) into their hearts, believe on Him, and find true peace and joy for their lives.

May our Lord and Savior preserve and protect us all, and help us share the love of Christ whenever and where ever we are called to do so.