Sometimes it’s just about hanging out with someone

OCEANS is a song about trusting God to build your faith, to give such grace that you have trust without boarders.  So much so that like Peter, you might be able to “walk upon the waters”. Wow.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

But sometimes God may want to just have us hang out with a friend is need of a little consolation.  Or place a phone call to someone hurting, who needs encouragement.  Or give a little time or money to someone or something that can meet a need, and make a difference in someone”s life, or familt.

Be sensitive to God’s leading.  Listen to His still small voice, and “walk in His Spirit”.  For the Bible says that those that are led by the Spirit, they are His children.  List to the intro message for the song Oceans, and then to the music.  Its an encouraging message, and an uplifting song: And be sensitive to that opportunity to serve that God brings your way.

Oceans, with an intro: