Seeking Reasons to Believe? Resources for Students …

You know, students these days have a lot on their minds. Besides getting through college and deciding what sot of career they want, they also must decide something about the big questions in life – why am I here? What is the meaning of “life”. Why is there something, rather than nothing? Do I have a purpose here? Is there a God, a Creator? Or are we all the product of blind chance, one great big accident?

I know I was faced with many of these questions, and looked for some sort of answers. In books, religions, drugs, etc. All through college I partied, studied, then partied some more, then took trips mentally (and some physically). Then studied some more. I looked for answers to the big questions, but in all the wrong places! I made it to my senior year, and finally said “God, if your real, and if this Jesus is who you say He is, then I want to know it. I want to know you, and so come into my heart. I give you my life – 100%. If you will prove to me that you are real, and come into my heart, I will give you my entire life and never look back.” And you know what? He did it! He came into my heart, and flooded me with His Presence the next morning. Nothing has been the same since. He has been with me since, has guided me, kept me, given me strong reasons to believe as well, and filled my life with purpose and joy.

If you are a student, and seeking reasons to believe, checkout my web site, but also was founded by a former atheist, and has some really great content! Not only is God real, but we do indeed have strong reasons to believe and trust in our Creator and Redeemer!  Start here with 6 answer to “Does God exist?” ->