Another Mass Shooting – UCSB – 7 Dead – Why? What Ought We to Do?

Very sad.  Another young person lashes out and kills seven classmates, because he felt “rejected” and without hope for the future.  He posted a video outlining his feelings about being rejected and without love, and his plan to have revenge.  “Severely mentally disturbed” is how he is being labeled by the authorities.


So many young people are without hope, lost in a world system that is often cold, selfish, and without natural affection.

How we Christians so need to be God’s reflection of love into this dark world, showing each and every person – by our actions – how we love and care for them.  Take time when you meet a hurting person.  Smile  Give them encouraging words.  And help them by meeting their needs in whatever way you can – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Be God’s love to others, especially to the young adults you come into contact with!  Share how Jesus loves them, and can ‘break every chain’ they may be burdened with!