Eureka? Complex organic molecules found in remote star system?

What a bunch of media hype in this headline for an article in the LA times (source:

First of all, what was detected was a signature obtained from a radio telescope of possible organic chemicals in a remote star system. The conclusion of the article states that this detection may be just an anomoly, and more evidence is needed:

“We definitely need a survey, since it’s difficult to know from a single system whether it was just luck …”

But he headline, and the leading text, make it sound that some sort of complex life was discovered in a far off star system!.

The facts of the matter are as follows:

– The earth is an extremely rare planet – not only in this solar system, but in the known universe – as far as we can tell

– Yes, there may be other planets circling around other stars, but these planets are either too close to their stars, too large, too small, or made from the wrong stuff

– Yes, there may be primitive organics on some of these planets – but what is the surprise there?

– It takes an enormous amount of “fine tuning” to get an earth like planet that can be the sort of place for “complex” life forms like us to exist…

Just the right distance from a medium bright star – so we are not too hot, or too cold
Just the right size planet – not too big to crush us with its gravity, and not so small as to provide insufficient gravity
A planet with plenty of water, and water cycle to keep things re-cycling
The right combination of elements
A protective shield to keep out the cosmic rays that would kill us
A large moon to provide tidal currents
An atmosphere that can sustain complex life
.. and I could go on and on

For more on the “fine tuning” of the earth to make complex life possible, see

The sort of “fine tuning” that is required to get just the right planet, in just the right place, circling around just the right start, etc – is not, and cannot be an accident.  The chances of this sort of fine tuning being an accident are literally astronomical.

I am not saying that there can’t be other life in the universe.  There may be.  But chances that it is complex life like that sort of life we have here is very remote.  We are indeed a “Rare Earth”, a Priveleged Planet” (see the books by these same names, written by esteemed scientists –you’ll learn a lot about how special the earth truly is).

We are not an accident.  Not by a long shot.  All the scientific evidence points to an amazing and very unique planet, created and sustained by an amazing Creator and the laws of physics He put into play, all for the purpose of sustaining His beloved biological creatures – in hopes that we will regard Him, love Him, and give him thanks for all of His wonderful works.

“The Heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament shows His handiwork.  Day unto day they utter speech, night unto night they pour forth knowledge” – the Bible.

Just saying.