The Moral Law We All Live By

Why believe in an all-powerful Creator? Certainly there are quite a number of scientific reasons to believe, such as the awesome design in nature that we see, the laws of physics that order all of creation, the miracle of water, and the “fine-tuning” of the universe, the solar system, and there very earth we live one.

But there are also good philosophical reasons to believe and place your trust in a Creator God that loves you.

All human beings, whether they admit or not, live by an innately understood “Moral Law”.  We usually refer to this as our conscience, and when we are about to do something wrong that violates our conscience, we FAQs to Christiansrefrain.  Not only that, if we see someone else doing something we feel wrong, we normally let them know about it – “you shouldn’t do that!”.  In like manner, when we – or someone we observe does something admirable, we applaud them: “Well done”, we say.

But where did we get this sense of “right and wrong” to judge our actions, or the actions of others by?

We are acting in accord with “standards” that are external to us – “moral measuring rods”, or if you like, The Moral Law that has been established by our Maker.


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