Compelling Evidence for the Exodus and Red Sea Crossing

I recently viewed a documentary entitled “The Exodus Revealed: Searching for the Red Sea Crossing”, by Discovery Media Productions.  This was about 1 hr 24 min, and quite a thorough coverage of the issue.

Many people continue to question whether the Exodus as described in the Bible ever happened.  But within recent decades, mounds of new and compelling evidence continue to pile up, showing clearly that the events as documented in the book of Exodus actually happened. This movie presents some of the key pieces of evidence uncovered ….

Archaeological excavations in the ancient land of Goshen provide that settlements of foreigners were there

  • The mud brick homes were in a U shape, typical of Jewish dwellings
  • The ruins are exactly where they should be, according to the Bible

Evidence that some 400 years after these dwellings were planted in Goshen, similar evidence of Jewish habitats appeared in Cannan (part of what is now modern day Israel)

Which means that the Jews were in Goshen at the time expected, and in Cannan when expected – implying that there had to be a journey to take them from point A to B

Evidence that Mt Sinai is most probably NOT in the traditional location as many people believer, but actually in Saudi Arabia (“Arabia” as the Bible actually records).  This finding has been researched and reported by many others, and the site in Arabia demonstrates multiple lines of evidence that this was the area of “the mountain of Moses”:

  • They highest mountain in the Arabian region is blackened at the top, as if by fire
  • There is a rock mound near the mountain, which looks made made – and perhaps could have been the site where the “golden calf” idol was built
  • The rocks have ancient pictures of a bull with horns
  • A strange looking rock also stands on a mound in the area, and this unusual boulder is split down the middle, with evidence of water having proceeded out of the crevice at one time
  • Even today the locals refer to the mountain as the “mountain of Moses”

The Jews would have had to cross a body of water to get to Mount Sinai, and based on where the real mountain is, this is most likely the gulf of Acaba.

  • It so happens that there is only one shallow “ridge” in this entire gulf, and it is precisely where it needs to be to allow the people to cross (given either a strong wind, or a miracle even to draw back the waters).
  • Divers have been sent down, as well as robot, and both have photographed sea coral in the form of chariot wheels – in the very same design as those of ancient Egypt!

I recommend everyone watch this, and consider the evidence, and how the Bible can truly be trusted!

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